Motivated panelists in the Touraine region or throughout France

Two types of panels, two databases, multiple possibilities…
published on 29/08/2018

The renowned quality of our service is also linked with the attention that we provide to our panelists.

We keep a tight bond with them. Human relation is at the heart of our preoccupations in order to develop a reciprocal trust relationship.

We have constituted two panels...

  • Local: 10,000 persons in Tours and its surroundings
  • National: 5,000 persons spread throughout France offer you

  • more diversity of characteristics (cutaneous criteria, cosmetic habits etc…)
  • the possibility to have a better representation of the French population
  • different test protocols: at home or in our premises

Some figures

Local panel

• 10,000 persons: 83% of women, 17% of men
• More than 300 items available about each volunteer in the database

National panel

• 5,000 persons: 91% of women, 9% of men
• More than 300 items available about each volunteer in the database
• 58% of the panel is spread over the biggest cities in France

Our recruitment and follow-up rules

The motivation and implication of our volunteers is amongst our highest concerns. Volunteers belonging to the local panel are registered following an interview with one of our beauticians. As for volunteers from the national panel, they are registered following completion of a very complete questionnaire and agreement with our study participation consent. Regular follow-up is performed which can lead, in some cases, to the exclusion of panelists considered as non-reliable.

Recruitment methods

Our volunteers are recruited by:

  • Word of mouth
  • Sponsoring
  • Punctual press releases
  • Websites
  • Facebook


The reliability of our volunteers is measured using an indicator. Each incident (repeated delays to their appointments, non-respect of the protocol...) is recorded and can lead to the exclusion of the volunteer.