A protocol for each product...

published on 03/09/2018

Instrumental approach

This approach is based on the use of instrumentation to obtain quantitative and illustrative results (3D technologies (AEVA System (Eotech)), image analysis, infrared camera, Dynaskin) and any other standard technique (sebumeter, ballistometer and cornemeter....).

Clinical approach

(by dermatologists or ophthalmologists or general practicioners or cosmetologists).
This approach is performed under the supervision of a specialist who evaluates product's efficacy.

Sensorial approach

(by trained experts)
This method is based on the use of some of our senses (sight and touch). Three experts regularly trained will score different parameters such as firmness, wrinkles, dimples or skin softness…

"Consumer" approach

Targeted consumers evaluate a test product at home and fill-in a questionnaire at the end of the study (more than 30.000 panelists spread throughout the world - international panels with diverse skin phototypes and relevant information about the perception of products in countries of interest). Those are the ideal conditions for a differentiated marketing strategy. Products can be repacked in our premises in France depending on regulatory requirements.

Moreover, if you would like to test concepts or simply interview panelists, this is also possible!

Emotional approach

Emotions influence our behavior and our perception of products. We build tailor-made protocols by taking into account three components (subjective, behavioral et visceral), which are then interpreted by a Neuropsychologist.

Our clinical studies systematically include a follow-up of cosmeto-vigilance.