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published on 04/09/2018

Spincontrol is a historical and active member of the Cosmetic Valley

The mission of the Cosmetic Valley is the development of the cosmetic and fragrance fields in France.

The Cosmetic Valley was labelled «competitiveness cluster» by the interministerial Comittee for Territorial Planning and Competitiveness (CIACT) from the 12th of July 2005. It is currently the first worldwide center of ressources of the frangrance and cosmetic sector and it contributes to the developement of the cosmetic industry.

With the support of territorial collectivities, the Cosmetic Valley anime un réseau d'entreprises, de centres de recherche et d'établissements de formation engagés dans une démarche partenariale autour d'une dynamique d'innovation et de conquête des marchés internationaux.

Patrick BEAU is the current delegated Vice-President, and one of his missions is to accompany start-ups.

Spincontrol sensed very early the importance of the role of emotions and senses in our lives.

Emospin was created in 2012 to develop specific methods in order to measure the emotional impact linked with the use of cosmetics and fragrances. 

Partner with Emospin
Member of the Cosmetic Valley, of the SFC and of the SF2IC
Strong bond with the universities of Tours and Orléans