New method for the efficacy of antiperspirants

New protocols published on 29/04/2019

Whether related to thermoregulation or stress, sweating is usually apprehended by a sniff test or a consumer test. Spincontrol in partnership with Synelvia, offers a new testing protocol to evaluate this physiological phenomenon.

Standard or emotional sweating, we reproduce both conditions

The most perceptible reason why sweat glands change their activity over time is body thermoregulation. Thus, the body start to visibly sweat to maintain a constant body temperature. However, this is not the only reason why our sweat glands change their level of activity. The sweat glands are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Every time our body perceives a sensory stimulus that could change our resting state, the SNS automatically provide a stress response, activates a physiological response such as includes an acceleration of the heart rate or and increase sweat gland activity.

Stand or emotional sweating

We are able to reproduce in our premises both conditions to induce standard or emotional sweating due to social stress.

A new protocol based on an objective method

In partnership with Synelvia, our R&D Department has developed an objective method based on specific dosages of odorant substances that contribute to unpleasant odors such as : Butyric, valeric, propionic acids.

As a conclusion, this new accurate method allows to test the antiperspirant efficacy under different conditions. Moreover, you can coupled it with a sniff test or a microbiota analysis of armpit.

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