Focus on the "Happy ageing" trend

New protocols published on 03/01/2019
Happy ageing, focus sur le concept de "bien vieillir"

After the pro-ageing trend, let us talk about the happy ageing trend. Let us look at ageing with kindness, be positive, bring with us the ageing youth towards the recognition of a beauty that runs through time.

The trend is no longer to hide our wrinkles or white hair, but to proudly show “the kilometers on the meter”. Whether we talk about the silver segment or happy ageing, how can we apprehend this psychological state in the cosmetic field? Is this just another one of those passing marketing trends? The Spincontrol team decided to run its investigation on the topic.

The seniors’ cosmetic market: a booming market

According to the latest statistics, the proportion of people aged over 60 will reach 33% of the world population by 2050*! Driven by the desire to enjoy their second youth, our dear seniors would benefit from a significant purchasing power.

What is the happy ageing?

It is a state of mind: the idea is no longer to prevent ageing but rather to age well. Some cosmetics manufacturers offer solutions that meet the biological needs of ageing skin, while others propose a holistic approach...

Happy ageing: proven efficacy

Emotions are an integral part of the concept of “happy ageing”. What impact does age have on self-perception? Can a cosmetic product help better accept the passage of time and its consequences on the skin?

Spincontrol, in collaboration with Emospin, has been interested in this question for many years and has developed specific protocols based on neurosciences principles.

Thus, it is possible to correlate cognitive measures specific to the perception of age, well-being or self-esteem with a traditional instrumental approach.

This measure of the perception of age can only be inferred by the convergence of measures concerning the different emotional dimensions:

  • Subjective
  • Behavioral
  • Visceral

In particular, we have developed a specific protocol called "mirror test" to understand the self-perception and hetero-perception of a person, from such measures as analysis of verbatim, prosody and posture...

Studies conducted on this topic have led us to highlight the relevance of holistic approaches and to prove the link between psychological and physiological benefits.

Cosmetics brands now want to capture this feeling of letting go against the time that passes inevitably. It seems that we are at the beginning of a promising market that could extend to the makeup and haircare segments. After all, ageing well is in reality accepting the story of our life, isn’t it?



" I have wrinkles.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I discovered that I had a lot of wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and on my forehead.

I have wrinkles because I had friends, and we laughed, we laughed often, we laughed to tears, and then I met love, which made me spin my eyes with joy.

I have wrinkles because I had children, and I worried about them since their conception, I smiled at all their new discoveries, and I spent nights waiting for them.

And then I cried.

I cried for the people I loved who left, for a little while or forever, or without even knowing why.

I stayed awake too, I spent hours without sleep for beautiful projects yet not always successful, for the fever of the children, to read a book,

I also stayed awake to lose myself in loving arms. 

I saw beautiful places, new places that had all my smiles and astonishment, and I also saw old places that made me cry.

In every groove on my face, on my body, hides my story, the emotions that I lived and my more intimate beauty,.....and if I had to remove all this....I would erase myself.

Each one of my wrinkles is an anecdote of my life, a heartbeat, it is the photo album of my most important memories."

Marinella Canu


*Sources : CosmeticsOBS, Alcimed


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