Anti frizz protocol

New protocols published on 10/01/2019

Humidity, here is a term that women hate, when they are looking for a perfect smoothing hair. That's why many brands have developed specific hair products to stop frizzy hair when humidity levels are higher. Our team has focused on this issue to create a specific protocol.



What's more frustrating than spending half an hour for a perfect brushing and smoothing hair, totally wiped out due to humid weather conditions? Hair brands have noticed the strong expectation of the consumers. Thus the "anti frizz" claim is frequently mentioned. So, how to prove the "anti frizz" effect was our mission. It's done now!

What is frizz?

Hair has a special chemical structure that makes it sensitive to water molecules.

Joseph Stromberg explains this phenomenon very well in his  his article in the Smithsonian Mag.

To sum up, the hydrogen atoms of keratin proteins tend to form bridges with water molecules. If two molecules of keratin approach the same molecule of water, they join indirectly. The hair curls more quickly when the weather is wet.



What is the consequence of this change of structure? Curly hair will be even more curly!

How can we evaluate an "anti frizz" product?

In partnership with Transderma System, we have developed a specific technique to reproduce temperature and humidity conditions in a standardized way.

We compare locks of hair treated with an "anti frizz" product, to locks of control / placebo hair after the locks were put in the simulation box.

Protocole anti frizz

The image analysis gives accurate results, both visual and quantitative, on tresses put in a humid atmosphere, which allows us to conclude to the "anti-frizz" effect of a hair product.

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